Jolee (Jo) Smith is an interdisciplinary artist and art history student living in K'jipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia). In Spring 2016, they received a BFA Interdisciplinary (specializing in jewellery design/metalsmithing and sculpture), and in Spring 2018 they graduated with a BA in Art History from NSCAD University. In September 2018, they will begin a Masters of Art History at Concordia, focusing on modern and contemporary art, especially as this relates to queer, aesthetic, and critical theory. 


There is a symbiosis between my academic and artistic work; I see this as a commitment to both theory and praxis.

My undergraduate academic pursuits have focused on the application of critical theory to the study of modern and contemporary art. In my writing, I have used allegory as a communicative device to illustrate the relationship between content and form. 

My artistic endeavours draw from my background in jewellery and sculpture, which positions my work at the intersection between fine craft and fine art. I have an endless curiosity with the poetics of material and exploration of alternative interpretations of common objects through the reimagination of those forms. Recently, I have worked in rope, metal, porcelain, and multimedia installation in collaboration with my partner in art and life, Devin Horsman.