Mereo Design

Not only is jewellery expressive — it can stimulate a contemplative state of mind. I embrace contradiction through my designs: each piece contains a duality of forces brought into synthesis. I replicate the naturalistic origins of pyrite through technological means. The name “Mereo” means “made of parts,” from the Greek root for “parts” and the suffix “-eo,” which indicates material composition. The close study of crystalline formations reveals the way in which a complex whole is produced through generative processes applied to simple, geometric fragments. 
Through my work, I embrace human creativity and ingenuity as computational automatization replaces traditional labour at unprecedented rates. My products are created using 3D modelling and printing. This means that they can be ethically produced through means that require little manual labour, space, and wasted material resources. I wish to challenge the notion that made-to-order, high-quality craftsmanship is inefficient or unattainable.