Upon entering the Anna Leonowen Gallery, you will come across Karen Thomas’ undergraduate painting exhibition. Please take your time to appreciate her work.

In order to get to gallery 2, where Videlicet is located, you will go through one doorway in the back right corner of gallery 1, turn right, and go through a second doorway. Now you have entered gallery 2. You’ll notice that this large space is roughly divided in half; In front of the doorway, and slightly to the right, there is a moveable wall. On it, there is basic curatorial text, in the form of vinyl, which includes a title, curatorial statement, names of artists and curator, a qr code which leads to the web platform, as well as some graphic elements.  There is a sound dome, installed above, which plays descriptive audio.

On the opposite wall to this curatorial information a work is installed on the wall; The Soothsayer (2018), acrylic on panel, audio recording by Julie Hall and Jacob Irish. There is a bench located in front of this piece for your comfort; feel free to rest here or sit and contemplate the work.

At the far end of the gallery, there are two large bay windows which are open to the Granville courtyard. In front of these windows there is a work installed; Bonusround: Dance Construction for Two (2018), a performance and multimedia installation by GURRUMATA and  BLUSHING BRICK.

If you turn left at the moveable wall upon entering, you will come across Caught Looking/ Looking After Albers (2018), a multimedia installation by Karin Cope  and Ryan Josey. Again, there is seating along the same wall as the entrance to this gallery; take it if you need.  

Turn left, and you’ll find another doorway, along the backside of Gallery 2. Through this doorway, there is a small triangular room — an alcove — and a hallway to the right. Down the hallway there are stairs to gallery 3. Located inside the alcove, however, is MOUTHFEEL (2016), a video by Emily Lawrence and Kylie Dyment.

This concludes the tour of Videlicet. Please see the “Venue” page for more information about accessibility.